One-Stop Chinese Visa application services

Are you puzzled by the complicated requirements of documents, conflicting advices from various online sources, mythical explanations of the processes? LeYo Visa, a One-stop online service where all the nuisances resolved. 

Smart platform with cutting-edge technology

LeYo Visa, developed by the most professional expert team with most advanced technology, can understand your requirement most accurately. We aim to build the most comprehensive and most intelligent visa service platform that is second to none.

1.With the support of the unique futuristic technology, intelligent services are customized just for you.  Expert database can provide accurate recognition. Smart analysis optimize the documents preparation. Submission is just one-click, time-saving and hassle free.

2.Multiple security protection makes the process carefree. Unauthorized access to your information will set off the alert system. The process is transparent, highly efficient and reliable.

3.Information update is done in seconds and fully transparent. AI tracking can locate your application at any time. Approval can be expected as fast as in a minute. Say goodbye to information asymmetry.

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  • One-click application

    LeYo Visa covers the complete visa application from the beginning to the end. It simplify the process to make sure you can enjoy an relaxing and easy application experience. It is developed by the most professional team, who makes your travel in a breeze, and brings you and the world closer.

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Realtime updates

Leyo Visa will guide you through the entire application process and updates you on any changes of your application process with instant text message. 

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