Create your digital copyright protection in 3 minutes

As a strategic R&D partner of Copyright Protection Centre of China on its DCI system, we provide a comprehensive service covering registration, monitoring, and defense of rights. We have provided copyright services to over 1,000,000 cases. We protect your complete rights wholeheartedly.

Complete coverage of self-media,
freedom of creation like never before

Whether you are a creativity-bursting writer of 100k+ readership, or a talented photographer of breathtaking images, traffic flow is an eternal sword of Damocles in this era of Wanghong (Internet celebrity) economy.

Standard registration process and huge amount of copyrights

The service can be completely customized according to clients requirement, automatically acquire evidences of copyrights for registration. The platform is aimed for easy extension, which can provide solid foundation for added values of copyright transaction, monitoring and defense in a standard, safe and efficient manner.

Blockchain technology, enhance copyright transaction

Blockchain technology can register copyright in real time. It’s decentralized, practically impossible to fabricate or distort, and can provide witness services for copyright transaction. The digital signatures of the transaction will be simultaneously updated and publicized. It can be an effective evidence to support and enhance legal transactions of copyrights.

Real-time monitoring covering every corner of the internet,
making infringement nowhere to hide

We can provide real-time report on infringement monitoring. It includes 24-7 alert and automatic report on infringement. You can have a clear view on the details of channels and quantity and can react with precise targets and instantly avoid further damage.

Online-offline interconnectivity, comprehensively protecting your rights and channels of defending you copyright

Online communication platform can reduce misunderstand and promote reconciliation. It encourages communication to achieve reconciliation. In addition to online service, it also connects to professional law firms to provide complete services in consulting, mediation, prosecution, etc. The combination of online and offline services are professional and reliable, building a robust protection for your copyright.