Marketing & Operation Solution

Marketing & Operation Solution

In the era of the mobile internet, you can only win a share of the market in the highly competitive war of traffic, when you have a sound understanding of the user habits and the market trends

Comprehensive coverage of all mobile marketing contexts

Mobile internet marketing is context marketing. We cover more contexts based on requirements of user experience and enhance user viscosity and trust

Multiple communication strategies drive traffic quickly

We can provide multiple ways to quickly drive traffic to your website, including much-loved prize drawing, or creating a topic for explosive growth, or assorted product promotion incentives, or word-of-mouth between different social media groups

Tracking user system and constructing accurate user profiles

We can help you identify the most effective marketing channel with our unique user tracking system and big data analysis of users characteristics. IT will improve conversion rate and eliminate in-effective marketing

More data connection interfaces enable ease of shopping guide

You can import product information from Taobao and Youzan by only one click. There is also data interface available for third-party platform. This allows automatic transfer of product information and ease of shopping guide and redirection. Business development will be like a breeze