LeYo Town, a great helper to improve your life quality

It has become indispensable to recharge yourself during spare times of work or study. We provide a variety of training courses to maximize your fragmented time and give you a new skill.

King of training courses

No matter what style you are, here you can do it in your style. In the new era of internet, you can learn new skills and experience a difference life style.

Find what you need in the wide range of course

LeYo Town, a one-stop shop training platform, contains a long list and big variety of training courses in language, psycology, yoga, swimming, IT, and finance etc. There is never enough, but there is one that will suit you.

One mobile, accessing all internet services

You only need to download LeYo Town at any app shop, or subscribe to our wechat account “LeYo Townor” , “LeYo Town” mini app. Then you will be able to enjoy the convenient services we provide and optimize your fragmented time.

Order online, experience offline

The training courses are of authority and transparency. The courses can be customizes as per your needs, clear and easy to manage, perfectly fitting your personal requirements. With the verification code, you can also attend offline training course at the appointed locations. Online and offline services are perfectly and conveniently connected for you.