Cross-border payment

Using new payment methods to provide one-stop intelligent 
payment solutions for global cross-border commerce


Just need 5 steps

It only takes 5 steps to complete the entire process, from opening an account to finishing your first transaction. It also means that to once a vendor has an account, it won't require any complicated process to receive all payments in the account in local currency, in real time.

  1. Account registration and verification
  2. Customers make payment online
  3. Transactions between banks
  4. Cross-border exchange
  5. Transaction finish

Seamlessly connecting to Chinese online payment scenarios

Aggregated API seamlessly connects to most popular payment channels, including Secure Payment, WePay cross-border payment, etc. It links to most prevalent electronic wallets and online banking services and provide real-time customs clearance solutions etc. The aggregation of multiple channels of services provide more choices to the customers and more conveniences to the transactions.

Bank-class exclusive channel

We adopts the bank-class exclusive channel authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Affairs and the People's Bank of China, which is the central bank. The payment process is protected by SSL encryption. Transfer can be made in real time and carefree.

Mainstream e-commerce sites

Whether it is domestic or international shopping platforms, we can provide customized models and plug-ins, setting you free from constraints and enabling you to connect proactively and share values timely.



We continue improve the core functions of the platform, from online solutions to offline transaction scenarios such as payments at shops. Our 24-7 customer service team is available to help you at any time. Cross-border payment has never been made this easy and efficient.